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I am a fashion designer, designer of clothes.

My job is to imagine, draw or create models that will compose the collections of tomorrow.

Creator and director, I invent, draw the models. I give them life, by making prototypes made directly on a manikin. I select the materials and colors of the clothes, taking into account (in relation to the product manager) codes and the image of the brand, as well as themes of the collection.

I monitor trends in fashion and analyze societal phenomena by keeping myself constantly informed of the evolution of forms, colors, fashion trends and social phenomena that participate in this evolution, adapt to varied levels of communication (customer, technician, computer scientist, model maker …).

I carry out control operations throughout the manufacturing process in order to evaluate the estimated cost price of the product, the constraints of the production techniques and the brand image of the house that employs me. Thus, I control prototypes before the mass production, the possible adjustments, the elaboration (for the manufacturers) of the sheets indicating the characteristics of each garment: shapes, measurements, colors …. In the process of creation to the factory, I create new forms of products (materials, processes, systems, shapes, prints) to be mass-produced and sometimes individually.

He must master the computer and know how to use computer techniques such as computer-assisted design (CAD) or computer-aided design.

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